Who we support

College Track Scholarship

Since 2015 the Heffernan Foundation has partnered with Collage Track to make  a larger impact in education. The Foundation Board, along with the assistance of College Track select one student each year to assist with their college tuition. This year’s recipient will receive $60K ($15K over their 4 years).

The majority of the students are first generation to attend college. We are proud of this program and look forward to seeing where the future takes these individuals.

2023 Recipient

Alyssa Hernandez

Alyssa Hernandez is a high achieving student and a well-rounded individual, with dreams of becoming a doctor that serves and helps her community members on the Peninsula. Alyssa joined College Track in the 11th grade, and since then has contributed positively to our community. She is always willing to participate, helps her peers, and is an exemplary role model. Throughout high school, Alyssa has tutored students from the ages of 7 to 15 in a range of subjects, such as reading, algebra, and biology.

Alyssa worked at a Hematology and Oncology lab at Stanford where she learned how to process blood and analyze data from college samples. Participating in the Stanford internship and her passion for biology only furthered her goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist.

Alyssa is hard working, self-aware, adaptive, responsible, and humble. She approaches her academics and personal obstacles with care, grace, and curiosity.

With the scholarship, Alyssa will be able to pursue her degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and not stress about her finances, and this opportunity will also propel her to continue to pursue her medical degree.

Changing Futures Through Education

By investing in the education of our students, we empower them to become pioneers within their families, communities, and beyond. These scholarships serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring future generations to pursue higher education and dream bigger than their circumstances might suggest.